Legal English Intensive Course
7-11 November 2016
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Our super-intensive 1-week legal English course for international lawyers who need to make progress very quickly.

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Why TOLES - Test of Legal English Skills?

  • Cost
    One of my ‘students’ told me he had lost over €80.000 because of a language mistake in a contract that had been used in Court.…
  • Speed
    Lawyers, IP specialists and law students are perfectly capable of working in English, but it all takes too long. Every time they are working on…
  • Career move
    Practically all of the lawyers, IP specialists or law students who took the TOLES with me told me that they strived for an international career…
  • Invite me
    Would you like to know more about the TOLES? Would you like to sit the TOLES or would you find it interesting for your company?…

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